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Feel like C**P Because You've Over Indulged With Alcohol, Treats and Luxury Food?

STUCK In A Rut and You Need To KICK START Your Weight Loss Plan?

DESPERATE For A BOOST To Eliminate Toxins But Don't Know What To Do?


We're faced with toxins throughout each day, from what we put on our skin, what we consume and how we think.

The 7 day TARAnsformer Detox week will help you release toxins, lose weight and improve your health whilst

educating you on making better food & drink choices plus better lifestyle choices.


  • ELIMINATE common allergens so you DE-BLOAT, shed toxins and get your energy back.
  • Eat REAL MEALS so you NEVER go hungry and won't need to invest in gimmicks, pills or packaged shakes.
  • LOSE between 5 and 11 lbs during the week whilst feeling more energetic than ever, noticing more radiant skin and sleeping better than ever.
  • Get SUPPORT in the Exclusive TARAnsformer Facebook Group with Tara, The TARAnsformer Team and people JUST LIKE YOU, where you will get access to:


  • VIDEOS to educate and answer your questions
  • A catalogue of recipes so you know EXACTLY what to eat & drink
  • A MEAL PLAN so you can have something set in stone to MOTIVATE you and keep you ACCOUNTABLE
  • Enjoy Smoothies, Soups, Salads, Snacks, Side dishes and Meals so you have LOADS of variety and only eat or drink WHAT YOU LIKE.

WARNING: Whilst this program will give you serious results, this is only for those who are 100% committed!

So, unless you're ready to step and and make the change, this program is NOT for you.

If you are serious about making the change and feeling AMAZING, Join now!

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The next program kicks off on Monday 28th March and you'll enter our exclusive group ready for Pre-Start on Saturday 26th March 2016. JOIN NOW TO GUARANTEE YOUR PLACE ***This program is run completely through Facebook***

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Emma's Amazing Results

Check out Emma's results! Incredible! Emma is a busy Mum with a hectic lifestyle and is now feeling healthier than ever after following the 7 Day TARAnsformer Detox program.

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Check out Angela's INCREDIBLE inch loss in ONLY 7 DAYS!!

This could be YOU!

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