It's coming……Party Season.

The time of year that gets you excited, yet fills you with dread.

Feeling like the frumpy one in your dress.

Embarrassed of your flabby arms and only stick to clothes that keep them covered up.

Sick of squeezing yourself into the ugliest, tightest, pull-in pants you can find to disguise your bloated belly and wobbly thighs.

No matter how glammed up you get, you still feel like the uncomfortable, podgy one out of your friends.


Bring on the TARAnsformer PARTY SOS PLAN

With this program you can:

Lose weight whilst still partying and enjoying.

♥ Be more toned and feel sexier than ever in your Little Black Dress.

♥ Still enjoy festive food and celebratory drinks at your party.

♥ Have the energy to keep up with the shopping & celebrating, along with all your other busy jobs.

♥ Go into the New Year without the additional weight gain that so many will be feeling even more miserable about.


Because I'm going to be by your side every day of the program and throughout the party season, and I'll share with you my incredibly effective tips and hot body secrets which are simple but will give you outrageous results.

I know what it's like to want to look hot in a gorgeous new dress and I know exactly how to get that flat stomach for it.

I know what it's like to want to have lean, toned arms & legs.

I know exactly what to eat and drink before and during the night out.

I'll help you survive the next day without damaging your hot body goals.

and TRUST ME - I know how to party!



The Party SOS Plan is a 14 day program to help you stay firmly on top of your hot body goals at the TOUGHEST time of year!

♥ You'll get full access to the Exclusive Facebook Pod from Friday 27th November, so that you can be totally motivated by the rest of the team who are JUST LIKE YOU ready for kick off on 1st December.

♥ You'll get quick workout videos to follow that are only 12 minutes so you can TONE UP super fast and you can easily add these to your day without interfering with everything else you're busy doing.

♥ You'll get a complete shopping list and recipes so you know EXACTLY what to buy and eat, which will make sure you have a flat stomach throughout December and you don't feel hideously sluggish and bloated.


♥ You'll get my SECRET alcohol, party food, eating out and 'ON THE DAY OF THE PARTY' tips which I SWEAR by for looking STUNNING and feeling like you totally ROCK IT! (It's true - I'm loaded with so many secret weapons, you won't believe how easy it is to do).

Don't be one of those who'll look back WISHING they hadn't put on the festive pounds ON TOP OF what was already making you feel down and miserable.

Join NOW and invest in YOU!

Do something DIFFERENT, leave the herd and do what so many others won't.

It's time to Party and ABSOLUTELY rock it this Christmas!

Tara xx